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Encouraging Regional Development and Sustainable Green Transition

We aim to promote comprehensive regional development and support the implementation of sustainable policies and practices that contribute to the green transition. Our focus is on creating incentives that foster positive change and encourage the adoption of environmentally friendly approaches.

By supporting and implementing green transition initiatives, we can achieve a more sustainable future for our region. Together, we can make a difference and drive positive change towards a greener and more sustainable society.

Our project is driven by ambition and seeks to provide answers to various pressing questions in the fields of society, energy, and the circular economy.

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Rotterdam, Nizozemska
5. do 7. junij 2024

Urban Future Conference 2024 (PDF)

Europe’s most inspiring event to make cities sustainable.

Hosted in a different city each year, thousands of CityChangers from all over the world share how they create transformation and which mistakes are made, accelerating change and successfully shaping the future of our cities.

About us

»TEHNOLOGIJE TVG – TVG Institute« HUB of Sustainable Technologies


HUB of Sustainable Technologies


The TVG Institute focuses primarily on the applied development using industrial hemp materials, sustainable technologies and boosts the production of advanced and innovative products.

In doing so it cooperates with established carriers of knowledge and practices, creates projects and opportunities for private investors to invest and use EU grants for the green transition.


The design and development of the value chain of industrial hemp is the foundation for the organization of activities and the approach to implementation phase of the TVG technologies.

The primary task of the Institute, founded in October 2020, is the design, development, and implementation of project content of SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGIES – the supporting pillar of the DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM TVG™.

TEHNOLOGIJE TVG – Institute for sustainable technologies

Podsmeka 59A, SI-1356 Dobrova
e-mail: tehnologijetvg@gmail.com

Key contact in Slovenia:

Milan Zrim
President of the Institute‘s Council
Authorised representative
M: +386 41 758 217
E: milan.zrim@aerogel.si

Key contact in Austria:

Gertrude Neubauer
Vice-President of the Institute‘s Council
M: + 43 676 974 6551
E: gerti.neubauer@gmail.com